90+ Year Olds

Are you 90+? 07/22/2009

I would like to contact computer-active 90+ year olds.  The goal of forming such a group would be to interchange ideas, physical and mental feelings, etc. If you are such a surfer, or know one, please spread this word so that we may be able to reach those who would benefit from such a group. I have created a blog to help you to attain this objective. In order to communicate, post comments on this blog that I have created. I will be checking and responding to this blog daily. In this way, I hope to be able to interchange information with other nonegenarians- and even the medical profession- about living as a nonegenarian in the 21st century. Please help me by responding to or spreading the word of this blog



    I am a retired 92 year old widower dentist still possessing my mental facilities, thankfully.
    Let's help each other grow older confidently!


    July 2009



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